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Best Photos and Winners of 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The results of the 25th annual National Geographic Photography Contest 2013.

To the Editor of the famous publishing house received more than 15,500 works of skilled photographers from around the world. Seekers, who are at risk for expectant and beautiful snapshot from which the reader’s breath away. Shot in the most unlikely places, from Brazil to Kenya, the photos of the winners represent an amazing diversity of the world, from the peaceful landscapes to accidentally caught shocking moments.

The best work came first, second and third places respectively. Authors of outstanding shots awarded prizes for “special photos”. represent all 44 of the winners in four categories: Travel Portraits, open stage, Sense of Place and Random moments.

Best photos natgeocontest01 travel from National Geographic

1. 1 place. Brazil Aquathlon


“I was in Manaus in the Brazilian championship on akvatlonu (competition in swimming and running). I photographed straight out of the water, and the camera lens was completely wet, but I was so impressed by the energy of the participants who were photographed, that the state of the camera did not bother me at all. ”

Photo: Wagner Araujo
Location: Rio Negro, the beach of Ponta Negra, Manaus, Brazil

Comment by Dan Vestergena, one of the members of the jury:
“This gets my attention intensity of the moment, which it displays. The classic rules of photography stipulate that you can not shoot a subject that goes beyond the lens, but sometimes the most spectacular photos can be done only violating the canons.
I like the way the picture conveys the body language, I saw a guy trying to bend over, but still constrained to take the last breath before diving into the water.
High-rise buildings in the background make a snapshot of sports photography portrait in Manaus. ”

Best photos natgeocontest02 travel from National Geographic

2. 2nd place. Thunderstorm at False Kiva

“I got into a stone cave, hoping to photograph the Milky Way on a stone background scenery, but instead found a storm, making this dramatic picture of lightning.”

Photo: Max Seigal
Place: False Kiva in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, United States

Comment by Dan Vestergena, one of the members of the jury:
“This combines two different scenes, the entrance to the cave in the foreground and the panorama of Canyonlands National Park in the future. I like the combination of warm brown colors inside and bright purple on the outside.
Looking at this picture, I imagine how wonderful sight it was for the people who lived here in ancient times. ”

Best photos natgeocontest03 travel from National Geographic

3. 3rd place. Say Cheese

“Cheetah jumped on the car a couple of tourists in the National Masai Mara in Kenya.”

Photo: Yanai Bonneh
Location: Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Comment by Dan Vestergena, one of the members of the jury:
“I saw a lot of different pictures of cheetahs on the roofs of touring cars. Apparently, they wanted to use the car to look around from a high point. But this picture of cheetah on the roof is open – something new, it feels all danger safari.
woman in the back seat is photographed against the background of the animal, so that later, of course, show the picture to all my friends. ”

Holders of the prize “special photo”

Best photos natgeocontest04 travel from National Geographic

4. Woman in water

A woman collects water in the river village in Pagan, Myanmar.

Category: Open stage

Photo: Marcelo Salvador

Location: Bagan, Myanmar

Best photos natgeocontest05 travel from National Geographic

5. Portrait of an owl

East owl shows mastery of disguise. You need to have keen eyesight to spot these small birds of prey.

Category: Open stage

Photo: Graham McGeorge

Location: Okefenoki Swamp, Georgia, USA

Best photos natgeocontest06 travel from National Geographic

6. Children of the North

“Michael Ande, the son of Sami reindeer herders, warms the cold after a long day of rounding up the animals for vaccination and subsequent slaughter. Children herders expertly treat the animals, because they are taught this from an early age. Michael knows as little about the reindeer and features of the local nature that I do not for a lifetime to learn. ”

Category: Travel Portraits

Photo: Michelle Schantz

Location: Isle of Magereyya, Norway

Best photos natgeocontest07 travel from National Geographic

7. Sakura

Sakura for centuries a symbol of Japan. There are many types of cherry, especially among the old trees, called Edo-Higan. Age of cherry trees in the hundreds of years, and each year you can watch the magnificent spectacle of flowering cherry.

Category: Open stage

Photo: Hideyuki Katagiri

Location: Church of Senchzhi, Arakawa, Saitama, Japan

Best photos natgeocontest08 travel from National Geographic

8. The sect Tata Honda

A photographer by some miracle managed to get inside a closed sect Tata Honda in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this picture, a woman preparing for a religious ceremony.

Category: Travel Portraits

Photo: Gergely Lantai-Csont

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Best photos natgeocontest09 travel from National Geographic

9. The sounds of the piano at sunset

The streets of Queenstown in New Zealand at the end of the day filled with tranquility tinged with sadness and sounds of the piano.

Category: Travel Portraits

Photo: Nikola Smernic

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Best photos natgeocontest10 travel from National Geographic

10. Show Gods

Troupes of the show can be seen throughout Taiwan for various religious holidays … They are easily recognizable by the colored people, spectacular costumes and choreography.

Category: Travel Portraits

Photo: Chan Kwok Hung

Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Best photos natgeocontest11 travel from National Geographic

11. Fisherman on the beach Bira

Photo received the audience award.

Category: Random moments

Photo: Dody Kusuma

Location: Beach Beer, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Best photos natgeocontest12 travel from National Geographic

12. Fire Dance in Cusco, Peru

Photo: Dirk Kanz

Best photos natgeocontest13 travel from National Geographic

13. India

Photo: Antonio Gibotta

Best photos natgeocontest14 travel from National Geographic

14. The marshes Wakodahatchee, Florida, USA

Photo: Gretchen Kaplan

Best photos natgeocontest15 travel from National Geographic

15. Parrots of the rice fields in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Photo: Muraleetharan Rajasuntharam

Best photos natgeocontest16 travel from National Geographic

16. Savuti, Chobe National Park, Botswana

Photo: Jayesh Mehta

Best photos natgeocontest17 travel from National Geographic

17. Derakh Mountains, Shiraz, Iran

Photo: Nariman Noorbakhsh Sabet

Best photos natgeocontest18 travel from National Geographic

18. Colfax, Washington, USA

Photo: Jesse Summers

Best photos natgeocontest19 travel from National Geographic

19. Rays of dawn on a lake Sampalok, Manila, Philippines

Photo: Danilo Dungo

Best photos natgeocontest20 travel from National Geographic

20. Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park, Australia

Photo: Ignacio Palacios

Best photos natgeocontest21 travel from National Geographic

21. Bergama, Izmir, Turkey

Photo: Mehmet Fatih Yaldız

Best photos natgeocontest22 travel from National Geographic

22. Storm in Lago Ranco, Chile

Photo: Francisco Negroni

Best photos natgeocontest23 travel from National Geographic

23. Taipei, Taiwan

Photo: Sep Yang Jing

Best photos natgeocontest24 travel from National Geographic

24. Arches National Park, Utah, United States

Photo: Yang Li

Best photos natgeocontest25 travel from National Geographic

25. Temple at the foot of Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Photo: Tim Jenka

Best photos natgeocontest26 travel from National Geographic

26. Bagan, Myanmar

Photo: Feng Xue

Best photos natgeocontest27 travel from National Geographic

27. Fishing on Lake Inle, Myanmar

Photo: Cynthia MacDonald

Best photos natgeocontest28 travel from National Geographic

28. Cooking dinner, Angola

Photo: Lantai-Csont

Best photos natgeocontest29 travel from National Geographic

29. Barranco camp at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro at night, Tanzania

Photo: Trevor Booth

Best photos natgeocontest30 travel from National Geographic

30. Champasak Province in the south-west of Laos

Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad

Best photos natgeocontest31 travel from National Geographic

31. Planting rice seedlings in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Photo: Robson Barbosa

Best photos natgeocontest32 travel from National Geographic

32. The Carnival of Venice, Italy

Photo: Lidia D’Opera

Best photos natgeocontest33 travel from National Geographic

33. The beach of Padang, Indonesia

Photo: Tommy Schultz

Best photos natgeocontest34 travel from National Geographic

34. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Photo: Dhafer Al shehri

Best photos natgeocontest35 travel from National Geographic

35. Tahan-Datar, West Sumatra

Photo: Fauzan Maududdin

Best photos natgeocontest36 travel from National Geographic

36. Mumbai, India

Hands of Unity

Children build a pyramid out of people to get it and break a clay pot suspended above the pyramid. This game is held every year on the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Photo: Sudeep Mehta

Best photos natgeocontest37 travel from National Geographic

37. Choco, Colombia

Photo: Robin Moore

Best photos natgeocontest38 travel from National Geographic

38. Petra, Jordan

Photo: Sai Kit Leung

Best photos natgeocontest39 travel from National Geographic

39. Cusco, Peru

Photo: Dirk Kanz

Best photos natgeocontest40 travel from National Geographic

40. Whale shark in the sea of ​​Bohol, Philippines

Photo: Jonne Seijdel

Best photos natgeocontest41 travel from National Geographic

41. Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia, Colombia

Photo: Guillermo Ossa

Best photos natgeocontest42 travel from National Geographic

42. Australia Zoo, home of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

Photo: Elaine Barker

Best photos natgeocontest43 travel from National Geographic

43. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Photo: Kandace Stroupe

Best photos natgeocontest44 travel from National Geographic

44. Masbat City, Philippines

Photo: George Tapan

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