The Brightest Projects in 2013 Kandinsky Prize Nominees

September 13 in Moscow, opened the exhibition of works by Kandinsky Prize nominees of 2013. Kandinsky Prize is considered one of the most important national awards in the field of contemporary art, and the exhibition of nominees from year to year are noticeable cultural events of the country. This year, many projects are not abstract artists, and devoted most that gorge on topical questions of life – political situation in the country, social networks, end of the world, etc.

Kandinsky Prize was established in 2007 on the initiative of Shalva Breus, publisher of the magazine “ArtChronika” and president of the eponymous foundation. Its objectives – support and development of Russian contemporary art, raising its prestige in the world. The total prize fund premium is 50,000 euros and is divided between two categories: “Project of the Year” – 40,000 euros, and the “Young Artist of the Year” (under 35 years) – 10,000 euros. Contender for the award may be, without exception, any Russian artist. The winners also defines the international jury with the participation of the expert council.

kandinskyprize01 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

1. Vladimir Arkhipov – “Home-made Russian” Project of the Year nomination.

These are things people are doing to ourselves, and use them yourself. This is not art or jewelry, and functional household items, such as cars, antennas, shelves, benches, chairs, and much of what is difficult even to classify and define. Their authors – ordinary people. My own job is to find these “invisible” things, engage in dialogue and to record interviews with the authors.

kandinskyprize02 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

2. Maria Agureyeva – “Faster! Higher, stronger Commodification”, nominated for Young Artist of the Year.

The author finds in the Soviet sports erotic spectacle of a public resource and explore its metastases postsovetskoy? everyday life, a place where ideology has taken the market, and the contemplation of the sports body commodified, turned into a commodity. The author draws the clothes on the bodies of nude models, photographs them and transfers the image to a ceramic tile.

kandinskyprize03 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

3. Recycle – «Letter F», Project of the Year nomination.

In social networks, the authors show features a completely new social order – with their laws, traditions and rituals. Our era is different from the others in that it does not live only in real time but also in the virtual space. “It is not material and the spiritual, but it is promised to man – or rather, his profile – eternal life, assigning the functions of religion. After all, none of the data trapped in Facebook, not erased. Pages of disappeared people continue to send messages to the mailing, sometimes this profile also “spam”, he remains “friends,” continued the exchange of “likes” – written by the band members. One of the main characters of this world and the people living in it, of course, is the character «f» – the first letter of the word «Facebook», artists transformed into a giant installation. And that the laws of social networks have become a kind of precepts of the XXI century, for breach of which a man is denied access to eternal life within the network.

kandinskyprize04 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

4. Eugene Stoneshaper – “Positions” Nominated Young Artist of the Year.

The plot of the film “Positions” spins around three political activists. Alexander, Veronica and Anna live in a spacious apartment of Stalin, on theory, study the political texts and criticize the modern technology of power. Relationships within the group are changed when Alexander, who is also an artist, suddenly is going to go to Vienna. This is regarded as a betrayal of the rest. The film shows three screens simultaneously. The plot is divided between the screens so that the first is the beginning of history, on the medial side of the second and the third – the completion of it.

kandinskyprize05 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

5. Dmitry Kawarga – “Kawarga. End of the world. 21.12 “Project of the Year nomination.

Exhibition “The End of the World. 21.12 “includes dozens of large-scale sculptures, collected in a single installation, and embodies the artist’s long-time dream of the end of the world. This is a philosophic view of man as the smallest part of nature, inseparable from the land and its resources.

kandinskyprize06 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

6. Grigory Yushchenko – “Revelation 2012” Young Artist of the Year nomination.

This project was also created on the eve of the expected in December 2012 end of the world. In a series of eight large-format paintings offered a variant of the apocalypse. At the heart – a vision yavivsheesya the main character of the series, 13-year-old boy, which is under the strong influence of psychotropic drugs. The revelation came to him as a little poem, the line of which is rendered in each of the paintings. This project is the author of, among other things, wanted to express my complete and total disappointment in any reconstruction of their country. In Russia will not revolution. In Russia there will be no democracy. In Russia will only apocalypse. In “Revelation 2012” shows the best and most positive scenario.

kandinskyprize07 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

7. Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe – “Untitled. Pomyatay about gas, “Project of the Year nomination.

This is one of the last projects died in March of this year, the artist known for his reincarnations. According to the author, millions of people “it is time saved from not only knows what he is doing, the simulacrum of power, accidentally (and for all of us – fatal) were totally in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

kandinskyprize08 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

8. Valery Melnikov – “Explosive quiet life”, nominated for Project of the Year.

According to human rights organizations, Dagestan – the most dangerous place to live in Europe. The growing Islamic radicalism, armed militant groups. That is one side. The pressure of public security forces – on the other. And between them, as in a vice, the lives of ordinary people, ordinary Muslims.

kandinskyprize09 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

9. Lena Artyomenko – “Comfortable protest”, nominated for Young Artist of the Year.

The project is an object of “a set of opposition.” This is a device that can transform into a reusable plastic folding chair and transparency. A set of simple and easy to use and includes all the attributes that are needed during a rally (balaclava, an umbrella, a first aid kit, etc.)

kandinskyprize10 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

10. Liza Morozova – performance “underwear” Project of the Year nomination.

During the performance by going barefoot in her nightgown on the long glowing podium, covered with broken glass, and read aloud parts of their diaries, written from childhood to the present (1985-2012).

kandinskyprize11 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

11. Ate Cook – “Rise of simulators world order”, nominated for Young Artist of the Year.

In this project, artists feel the strength of the existing world order, exposing and exacerbating its absurdity, making it a fair share of chaos and inviting the audience to take an active part in this exciting process. The popular saying that “the world is interconnected,” is the literal embodiment of the project: all the objects in their interactive installation connected with ropes, and the viewer is free to interfere in the order established artists, in its sole discretion. According to the authors, “if we combine all items and all the people of this world with the help of ropes, skipped through the roller blocks, every individual and every insensitive oaf, and even the president, will no longer feel so terribly lonely.” In this case, the viewer must be borne in mind that the artists retain the world order right to strike back.

kandinskyprize12 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

12. Tim Parchikov – «Times New Roman. Episode 3: The Moscow “, nominated for Young Artist of the Year.

At all times, each new political and financial elite feels the need to identify with classical culture. Having conquered ancient Greece, the Romans began to massively reproduce Greek sculpture. Greek culture to the repetition of their samples belonged cool. For them, it was, as now, would say, gaudy kitsch. However, Roman copies have high classical culture samples, and their mass production has not led to a reduction of cultural value. Sculptures made of plaster and marble, which are sold along the roads today, continue this tradition. The rapid emergence of the new Russian elite to accumulate huge amounts of money and power demands of the next return of the “Romans”, this time in the Moscow region.

kandinskyprize13 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

13. Vladimir Seleznev – “Metropolis” Project of the Year nomination.

The name of the project refers to the famous film by Fritz Lang’s 1927 – the German film dystopia in which an imaginary city is divided into two non-intersecting layers: the upper, which is home to the masters of life, and lower – black world and working machines. In his work, the artist also shows us the two sides of the city. A pile of debris, from which he collects his city, and which symbolizes the “dark” side of the home, with “switching” picture turns into a romantic image that can be seen at night from the plane: a chain strung lights indicate lines avenues, illuminated spots – residential and factory areas .

kandinskyprize14 most striking projects Kandinsky Prize 2013 nominees

14. Lang’s futuristic dystopia again relevant for modern Russia, where there is a gap between the world of the super rich and the poor.

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