12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013


Although summer is already on the decline before the end of the year still left enough time to organize a memorable trip to an interesting place. Based on the analysis of major events, cultural trends and global festivals were selected these most pressing areas around the world where you should make a trip in 2013.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

1. Iceland.

Iceland – a place that is able to charm even the most experienced traveler. The local unique nature – the main attraction Icy country. The vast unspoiled landscapes, incredible journey through the picturesque surroundings, the unique atmosphere of the pristine, northern nature. Icelanders say, “If you have not seen Iceland – you did not see anything.”

Due to the current economic situation in the world of course the Icelandic krona against the euro has changed dramatically, and prices have remained the same. As a result, services are cheaper by 25-45% and the country in which the first holiday was very expensive, has become significantly more affordable

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

2. Shanghai, China.

The most populous city in China is a place of pilgrimage for the huge number of tourists. World class hotels, restaurants and shops, including the best hotel in the world for business travelers: The Peninsula Shanghai – everything has to visit this town, is forward-looking. Lately here at regular intervals to open the largest museums in two major public art museums in November 2012, several important cultural institutions (such Rockbund – Museum of Art and Minsheng – Art Museum). In 2013, Shanghai plans to open a total of 16 new museums. Also, it is very convenient to shop designer goods from China to the many fashionable shopping complexes.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

3. London, England.

In connection with the birth on July 22, Prince George Alexander Louis whole of England was the center of attention of the world press, and then expect a large influx of tourists. But that’s not the only reason to visit the UK right now. 2012 Summer Olympics in London, left a lot of restaurants, hotels and other places where you can comfortably accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. But that’s not the point. In London, there’s really something to see. It is also interesting that the restaurant business is in London on the rise and gaining world recognition. Recently, well-known in the British capital institution “City restaurants” has received several awards, “Le Caprice” was named the restaurant in 2012, and the bar is the “Langham”, was named “Best bar Year” by Drinks International.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

4. Antarctica.

Due to unseasonably warm (or cold) weather conditions around the world, it becomes harder and harder to deny global warming – especially in Antarctica, where the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. This means that now is the time to visit Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on earth. This stunningly beautiful landscapes. This is an ideal trip for adventurers who want to make a kayak among the icy expanse. You can also see penguins, whales and elephant seals. Tourism in Antarctica is becoming more popular. According to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), this season is about 35,000 people visit Antarctica.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

5. Mexico City, Mexico.

Despite the horrific headlines in the international press about the consequences of drug war, most recently in Mexico celebrated a huge influx of tourists. In 2012, Mexico was visited by 23 million international tourists.

Standing on the ruins of the Aztec capital – Tenochtitlan, Mexico City combines the features of a modern city and a historic monument. World-class museums, restaurants and parks are located next to the ruins belonging to several cultures. Nightlife, shopping and history – a reason to visit this city regardless of the preferences in the style of holiday. Recently in Mexico City opened several hotels at the highest level, including the Le Meridien hotel and Presidente InterContinental Santa Fe.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

6. Cartagena, Colombia.

Although Colombia was once notorious for its world drug mafia is now the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. Since 2002, the number of tourists in Colombia increased by 300 percent. In this country, there are plenty of natural attractions, the ancient and still poorly studied Indian cities, as well as chic coastal resorts.

Cartagena, the most visited tourist destination in Colombia, is a charming colonial city with chic beaches on the Caribbean Sea, quaint boutiques, hotels and inns. Historical monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site – it includes the port, fortresses and monuments of Cartagena.

Beautiful Cartagena, floating on the waves will hit not only a bright palette with major notes of white and terracotta, but also tropical temperament of its residents. And there live the most beautiful girls – is not accidental beauty contest “Miss Columbia” for more than seventy years is held in Cartagena.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

7. Marseille, France.

Marseille (Marseille) – the second largest city in France, one of the largest and oldest ports on the Mediterranean Sea, known as the “Gate of the East.”

In the current year, 2013, the year this southern city was declared European Capital of Culture. Today, the seaside Marseille, lapped by gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea, has turned into a cultural center, where all the year through different events and exhibitions. Here, the construction of new exhibition galleries and concert halls. Also, the city opened a few chic new hotels that will please the most demanding tourists.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

8. Istanbul, Turkey.

Today, when all the excitement in the Turkish capital has remained in the past, Istanbul is ready to welcome guests tourists. Situated at the point where Europe meets Asia, this city traditionally known for its rich history. Beautiful mosques, ancient monuments and palaces today attracts hipsters, foodies, artists and fashionistas.

In downtown historic buildings have been restored and transformed into a fancy boutique hotels, designer shops and trendy cafes. Nightclubs and restaurants grew directly on the shore of the Bosphorus. Recently, the city is also becoming one of the busiest financial centers of the world.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

9. Qatar.

Qatar boasts a wonderful combination of relaxation on the ocean, inexpensive shopping and soft Islamic traditions. Holidays in Qatar for a long time considered to be one of the most popular and favorite tourist destination.

Over the past few years, Qatar has proved an important center for contemporary art. The richest country in the world has acquired a huge collection of contemporary art – including works by Warhol, Rothko, Murakami, and many others, and also invested in major art exhibitions and projects. At the end of 2014 there will futuristic new National Museum of Qatar, designed by Jean Nouvel.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

10. Seoul, South Korea.

South Korea is now experiencing a tourism boom: More than 11 million tourists visited the country in 2012.

Last year, the Korean pop star PSY took the world by storm with his strange but catchy hit “Gangnam Style”. And while PSY drew global attention to the place that inspired the song: Gangnam – luxurious district in Seoul. A South Korean capital today – a city that perfectly combines the ancient and the modern, high-tech center, a paradise for shoppers and tourists.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

11. Tanzania.

Tanzania – the perfect destination for those travelers looking for a unique experience of adventure in the heart of wild nature. Here are carried out some of the most spectacular safari in Africa.

In the north, there are two main attractions – the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Here are camping safari. For tourists looking for a more secluded and untouched by man places you might consider visiting two great parks in the southern part of the country – Ruaha and Selous. The best time to visit the Serengeti – from December to March and from June to October, while the southern parks is best to visit between June and October.

12 Places You Have to Visit in 2013

12. Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn is not quite completely new tourist destination, but New York City each year attracts more and more tourists. Today, the Big Apple – this is the modern capital of the financial life of the world, the fashion capital of the world (yes, yes – no longer Paris).

In 2013, there appeared even more hotels, restaurants and shops catering to both local residents and tourists alike. Over the past year and a half have opened five hotels in Brooklyn, including Wythe Hotel, Hotel BPM, and Hotel Indigo, which makes the region more accessible to visitors. Another 10 hotels are under construction and is expected to open in 2013. In Brooklyn, is also located, 3-star Michelin restaurant, one of the best steakhouses in the country (Peter Luger’S), a large brewery (Brooklyn Brewery) and clean markets, restaurants, and bars.


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