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100 Years of Tour de France

The brightest moments in the history of the most prestigious bicycle race in the world.

July 21 ended hundredth race “Tour de France”, which was first held in 1903. This name is familiar even to those who do not have relationships not only to bicycles, but also for the sport in general. Bicycle Race “Tour de France” or “Big Loop”, was originally established as a promotional project of the newspaper L’Auto and earned her a resounding success by increasing the number of subscribers 10 times in 5 years.

Later, from advertising “Tour” has become a three-week annual competition, and then in a religious event, which the French consider their national pride. Cycling marathon requires maximum endurance athletes, and from the fans – the wonders of creativity in the form of crazy costumes or installations in support of favorite members.

To finish the Jubilee stage race prepared a photo gallery of the “Tour” from the beginning of XX century to the present day.

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