10 Restaurants With the Most Amazing Views

At the height of the summer holidays, we offer you a selection of restaurants around the world, distinguished by incredible views – for those who prefer to enjoy fine cuisine at the same time and the surrounding beauty.


1. BREEZE. Hotel The Samaya, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Exotic local and international cuisine, types of romantic sunsets on the beach in Seminyak and whisper quiet waves of the Indian Ocean.


2. Top of the World. Hotel Stratosphere, Las Vegas, USA

This restaurant is “on top of the world” offers panoramic views of Las Vegas, turning 360 degrees for 80 minutes, and a host of culinary delights.


3. Strofi. Athens, Greece

Greek cuisine on the veranda with views of the Acropolis.


4. The Rock. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Restaurant on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean and a great selection of seafood.


5. Sierra Mar. Big Sur, California, USA

Spectacular views of the Pacific coast of California and California wines and cuisine at its best.


6. Ithaa Undersea. South Ari Atoll, Maldives

The diverse marine life at the same time on your plate and around you, at a depth of five meters.


7. Eagle’s Eye. British Columbia, Canada

French cuisine and views of the Canadian mountains with 7700 feet of elevation.


8. Sirocco. Bangkok, Thailand

View of Bangkok from a height of 63 floors, Mediterranean and international cuisine, and a great bar.


9. Le Jules Verne. Paris, France

High French cuisine and views of Paris from the height of the Eiffel Tower.


10. Skyline. Queenstown, New Zealand

The best view of the sunset in Queenstown and the menu offers feel the “taste of New Zealand.”

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