10 of the Most Popular Cities Among Those Who Like to Drink

Alcoholic beverages, if they do not abuse it, it is interesting to pallet range capable to interest even the most basic non-drinkers. In fact, from this point of view, an alcoholic beverage is able to assess the type of person who does not feel any of it depends. Alcohol is today without the slightest difficulty can be bought in any town or corner of the world, but in some cities, “alcoholic traditions” really brought to the level of art. We offer to meet with the 10th best “spirits” of cities.

10th place – Dublin.
Love the Irish to strong drink has long been a “talk of the town”, and it is not surprising that there are great pubs across at every turn. Here also is one of the most visited museums in Ireland – the museum of the famous beer Guinness. By the way the name of Guinness even know who is not interested in beer – after all, “the Guinness Book of Records” was founded in 1955, namely that the brewing company.
9th place – Tokyo.
Japan’s capital has a wealth of bars, decorated in different national styles: English bars, German bars, sport bars, karaoke bars and plenty of wine stories. The most popular beers here are Kirin, Sapporo and Asahi. Whiskey Santory, which produces a Japanese company of the same name, which is the largest producer of whiskey in the country, is also extremely popular. One of the most modern bars in Tokyo is Soho’s Omotesando, located on the top floor of the building CDI Aoyama Studios. In addition to the wealth of choice of drinks bar amazes visitors with its curved aluminum walls and huge windows that offer stunning views of the city.
8th place – Amsterdam.
Here, too, there are many bars that take visitors seven days a week. Unquestionable leaders on visits to lovers of drink are the Red Light District and Rembrandt Square, where in addition to numerous cafes and shops is also Europe’s largest LCD screen.
7th place – the largest city in Australia – Sydney.
Here tourists invites many old bars. Thus, the Hero of Waterloo bar serves its guests since 1845, and the Lord Nelson Hotel was launched even earlier – in 1841 only drawback of these institutions is the relative high cost of drinks. A pint of beer will cost visitors not less than $ 8.
At the 6th place is situated Madrid.
Spain’s capital city offers a wide variety of pubs, many of which are not closed until the morning. The price of alcohol is relatively small: most bars offer beer for only $ 04.03. In the center of Madrid is famous historic bar Taberna Las Gabrieles, celebrities spend their time here in the political debate. On Tuesdays in the bar to watch the performance of flamenco dancers.
5-place belongs to the largest city in the southern hemisphere – the Brazilian Sao Paulo.
Its 15,000 bars and nightclubs constantly invite guests to have fun. Admission prices start at $ 20 and the drinks prices range from $ 1 to $ 10. But some clubs immediately include the cost of drinks in the entrance fee. In São Paulo, you can buy liquor and on the street, but the tourists immediately warned that the night walking the streets in a pleasant state of drunk here quickly can end troubles.
4th place is occupied Prague, famous for its delicious beer, for which there will have to pay only one dollar.
Beer connoisseurs claim that the beer in Prague is divided into good and very good. Therefore, in those places where the prices are several times higher than normal, and you can not go – still in cheaper places beer will be as good. Menu of most Prague bars hung from the outside of the door, and you can navigate quickly. One of the most popular venues in Prague club is Lavka Bar and Club, where you can find a bar and a disco, and even a theater.
Honorable third place goes to the Mexican resort city of Cancun, which also is one of the top ten resort towns in the world.
Many bars and cafes offer alcoholic beverages only a dollar per serving. A famous nightclub Coco Bongo surprises its guests and more fantastic views, not inferior in its luxury that can be seen in Las Vegas.
At the 2nd place, surprisingly, settled in Istanbul.
Tourists are happy to treat with great beer for about $ 2 per cup. However, in high season, when the influx of visitors is very high, the price can increase significantly. In the Beyoglu district, located in the European part of Istanbul, shops, cafes and restaurants are especially numerous. Some of the most famous – is Dulcinea, Madrid and Kaktus.
1st place takes Munich with its magnificent beer, which is like feeding a huge mugs.
The number of varieties of the Munich beer simply defies description, and try all the time for a short vacation is clearly not be possible. Beer in Munich drink all year round, and at the end of September we started a grand Oktoberfest – the world’s biggest beer festival. During this holiday, each of the Munich breweries welcomes guests to its vast beer halls, capacity can reach 10,000 people. Especially popular for many years now enjoys a luxurious tent Hofbräu. Oktoberfest lasts about 16 days, ending the first Sunday of October. In the rest of the year this holiday spirit can be felt in such places as Lowenbrau Keller and Paulaner am Nockerberg.


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