10 most picturesque roads in the world

Sometimes the final point of your trip does not matter – so good is the road to it. We chose the top ten most picturesque routes in the world.

N2 (The Garden Route, South Africa)

The colorful N2 highway is just the main axis of the Garden Route, a region stretching between Mosselbaï and Port Elizabeth. From it you can and need to turn off on secondary roads. There are ancient forests and modern golf courses, a community of artists and wood carvers, incredible biosphere diversity and countless landscape options – mountains, beaches, lakes and lagoons.

Ruta 40 (Argentina)

5 thousand kilometers is a lifetime. The main Argentine road passes through the west of the country through 20 national parks, 18 rivers and 27 passes of the Andes, climbing 5000 m above sea level. Taking advantage of the opportunity, you need to visit the Valley of Kalchaki, glaciers of the park Los Glaciares and the caves of Cueva de las Manos with the ancient prints of the hands of Patagonian teenagers. Dare to the full route should be ready for real adventures: most of the southern segment of the road is devoid of asphalt and any civilization.

The Road of Death (Camino a los Yungas, Bolivia)

The most dangerous road of the world language does not turn to be called “highway”, at least on those sections where any road surface ends, clay is washed away by small waterfalls, and vertical cliffs, overgrown with turbulent vegetation, have absolutely no fences. Intimacy warns of approaching because of a deaf turn of oncoming traffic, extremely aggravated by the instinct of self-preservation. Fortunately, since 2006, cars are rare here – the main stream of cars travels along a new highway-understudy, and the Road of Death tickles nerves, mostly for cyclists.

Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien, Norway)

The most beautiful highway of Northern Europe connects the villages scattered in the Atlantic Ocean between Molde and Kristiansund. In a bad weather on the road, waves often pour out, and in quiet weather you can photograph whales and seals directly from the car. In the background – the toothed mountains of Molde, covered with snow all year round. Of the seven bridges of the Antlantic Road, the prize for photogenicity should be given to the “drunken” Storsezandet bridge that abruptly flies by 23 meters so as not to interfere with navigation. From some angles it looks like a road to nowhere or a loop of roller coasters.

The Road of the Valley of Fire (Nevada, USA)

Red is your favorite color? Then you come here, on the highway, crossing the park of the state of Valley-Fire from east to west: 17 km through the rocks, in the sunbeams acquiring a fiery purple color. This location fell in love with advertisers: photomodels and cars posed here. You can “dismount” and go in search of petroglyphs or bizarre stones. For example, you can find an elephant rock. Stock up on water and cover your skin with clothes: it’s hot in the daytime, like in a pan.

Overseas Highway, Florida, USA

Where you do not look – the ocean surface, interrupted by the resort islands of Florida Keys with their azure coral shoals. For 182 km of the way one way you can count more than four dozen bridges, the longest and picturesque – the Seven-mile bridge. Romantic-minded comrades should plan a trip at sunrise or sunset to catch pink waters that gleam pink.

Icefields Parkway, Canada

Route 93 in the Rocky Mountains, between the national parks of Banff and Dzhaster, was built exclusively for tourists. Its creators foresaw the enthusiastic screams of passengers: “Stop me right here, I have to flick it,” – two hundred observation platforms are provided for 250 km of the way. There are giant mountains, turquoise mountain lakes, majestic glaciers, forest-infested forests, no cellular communications and very few gas stations.

99 Turns or Road to Tianmen Mountain Road (China)

Eleven kilometers of pure serpentine, 99 sharp turns – the road is so steep that it only produces racing cars and buses. It is absolutely not recommended to weaklings, who are sick at bends. However, successful foreshortenings are well viewed from the cable car. Upstairs – the reconstructed temple of the Tang Dynasty and the cave-arch “Heaven’s Gate”, and in the neighborhood they filmed “Avatar”.

The road to Hogwarts, Road to the Isles (Rathad nan Eilean, Scotland)

The A830 runs from the foot of Ben Nevis to the port city of Mallay. On the way, there will be historical sights and all the delights of the Scottish outback, thickets of heather and white sand beaches of Morar. If you’re lucky, a Jacobite locomotive, a prototype of the Potter’s Hogwarts Express, will be on the scene – the saga’s fans can wait him on the Glenfinnan viaduct.

Skeleton Coast (Namibia)

Do you want to be alone and not to melt in the frame? Take a ride along C34 along the northwest coast of Namibia – kilometers without the slightest signs of life, desert landscapes with sand cored ship skeletons, once wrecked. You can also visit the colony of eared seals in the reserve at Cape Cross Cape or for a small fee to explore the Skeleton Coast National Park on off-road vehicles.

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