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10 most interesting Subways of the world

Metro can be not only an interesting place for shooting a genre, but also a source of inspiration in itself: architects, sculptors and artists sometimes create real works of art at subway stations. We present to you a selection of 10 cities with the most beautiful metro.


The oldest subway in the world is the same symbol of London as the two-tier buses. The first thing to do is to visit the Hall of Westminster station, the winner of the competition of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2001. The minimum photo program also includes giant blue panels on Southwark, the East Finchley station in Art Deco style, mosaics based on works by Hitchcock on Leytonstone and the sweet dilapidated Baker Street (find the tile with the Sherlock profile). Worthy visits are the spacious Canary Wharf with its escalator “to heaven” and temple-like Gloucester Road. You can also collect your collection of inscriptions Mind the Gap.


The slogan “Quadratic, Practical, Good” applies to the German subway. However, the Munich U-Bahn, despite the lack of architectural delights, has a rather attractive appearance: a futuristic design, bright colors, special details. Evaluate the huge plafonds on the Westfriedhof, the strict lines of Marienplatz and the station Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, which looks like the interior of the intergalactic ship.


Modern technology in conjunction with nature – so you can characterize the Stockholm underground. The rocks in which he was carved did not cover with decorative panels. For the painting of the shattered walls, 140 artists were invited, added a carefully thought-out highlight – and voila: now almost 100% of the stations are works of art.


The capital of the Russian Federation continues to occupy the top places in the lists of the most beautiful metro cities of the planet. The principle of the golden section, plus high-quality stone slabs from all corners of the USSR, plus chandeliers, stucco molding, mosaic, sculptures and other decor – and now crowds of foreigners can not take their eyes off our underground palaces. The stations most visited by tourists are the ring “Kievskaya” and “Komsomolskaya”, “Arbatskaya”, “Novoslobodskaya” with its stained-glass windows and, of course, “Mayakovskaya”. Indigenous, jaded Muscovites should go to the outskirts and marvel at the unexpectedly lively design of the freshly built ends of the branches.


At first sight the Lisbon subway is not very attractive. But you can not call it dull, either – a mosaic panel full of walls, something like graffiti images, tile-azulezu, then just a tile with conceptual drawings. The most eye-catching station Olaias with its patchwork colorful panels, the Lisbonians themselves do not consider beautiful, preferring the more seasoned Parque style or the originality of Campo Pequeno.

New York

One of the largest underground transportation systems, the New York subway is extremely crowded, especially during rush hours, so it makes sense to go to the photo shoot early in the morning. The only downside – there will be no street, more precisely, platform, artists, but the passengers will not flick between you and the paintings of tiles and mosaics or impressive art installations. Take a look at the pretty bronze people at 14th Street – 8th Avenue Station, the girl on the carousel and hamburgers on Coney Island, look at the space dome of the Fulton Street Hall. The oldest, already closed City Hall station can be reached with an excursion organized by the New York Transit Museum; Tickets are best booked for a couple of months.


In general, the subway, especially its transitions, is not the most cozy place in Paris. Only historical Art Nouveau stations and the famous entrance pavilions, on which the architect Hector Gimar worked, are required for inspection. For a change, visit the Louvre Rivoli platform, decorated with replicas of works of ancient art from the Louvre, at the Arts and Métiers station in the style of punk, and see the entrance to the Palais Royal, decorated with large multicolored glass.


This metro is a vivid embodiment of the idea that the new mode of transport should be not only practical, but also aesthetic. At one time, on a competitive basis, architects were selected, each of whom was assigned to one station. More than 50 stations are decorated with installations – sculptures, stained glass and panels of authorship of famous Quebec artists, including abstractionists from the movement of automatic workers.


You dig a tunnel in a historical place – be prepared for the fact that the construction can grow into archeological excavations. This is exactly what happened in Athens, and now the ancient walls, statues, vessels, burial urns and even sarcophagi are exhibited right at the stations. However, in an unusual museum project involved only three of them – Syntagma Square, Monastiraki and Acropolis. At the same time, drive to the station Ethniki Amyna, which presents more modern art installations.


A small and very modern metro is perhaps the most glamorous in the world. Its appearance resembles a luxury shopping center, in the construction of which the Arabs know a lot. Apotheosis can be considered a transfer hub Khalid Bin Al Waleed. The main theme in its design is fishing and pearl mining as an important milestone in the history of the emirate, and the most memorable element is chandeliers in the form of jellyfish. In the interiors of many stations you can find the influence of the traditions of Arab architecture – these are niches, arches, ornaments or wavy lines, like at Al Jafiliya station.

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