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10 Divine Italian Actresses

Italian cinema is famous for its unforgettable atmosphere, but its main pearl were and are, of course, actress. Vibrant and unique, they conquered the hearts of millions of people, and their talent and beauty have become the standard of femininity.

Photo Vide collected 10 beautiful Italian actress who can only admire.

10 Divine Italian Actresses:

Sophia Loren

divine-italian-actresses 01 divine-italian-actresses 02

Monica Bellucci

divine-italian-actresses 03 divine-italian-actresses 04

Ornella Muti

divine-italian-actresses 05 divine-italian-actresses 06

Gina Lollobrigida

divine-italian-actresses 07 divine-italian-actresses 08

Pier Angeli

divine-italian-actresses 09 divine-italian-actresses 10

Isabella Rossellini

divine-italian-actresses 11 divine-italian-actresses 12

Asia Argento

divine-italian-actresses 13 divine-italian-actresses 14

Alida Valli

divine-italian-actresses 15 divine-italian-actresses 16

Claudia Cardinale

divine-italian-actresses 17 divine-italian-actresses 18

Marina Berti

divine-italian-actresses 19 divine-italian-actresses 20


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